Setup Instructions

    • Remove the tent from its bag.  Unroll and unfold the tent.  Be careful not to let the wind blow any parts away, like the small rain fly.  Lay the tent out flat, with the top of the tent facing up.
    • Remove the tent poles from the pole bag and assemble the poles, inserting the male end of each pole segment into the female end, as guided by the internal shock cord.
    • Slide the assembled tent poles through the gray colored sleeves so that they cross in the middle of the tent.  Each pole must pass through 4 sleeves.  Insert the ends of each pole into the grommets you'll find on each of the 4 corners.  If the material is too tight, loosen the webbing on the door end of the tent to allow the ends of the poles to reach the front grommets.
    • Once the tent has taken shape, carefully tighten the webbing straps on the door end of the tent until you achieve a nice taught pitch.
    • Use the provided tent stakes to stake down the small guy lines that extend from the the ventilation flaps.  It is important that the stakes are positioned at about a 30 or 45 degree angle to the ground, with the top of the stake pointing away from the tent.  The guy lines and flaps should form roughly a 45 degree angle with the ground.  Slide the small plastic tensioner up toward the tent until the pitch is nice and taught.
    • To attach the rain fly to the top of the tent, lay the rain fly over the tent.  Unfasten the cords at each corner of the fly, then loop them around the top pole sleeve on each corner, under the pole.  There is a small piece of DCF tape reinforcing the edge of the pole sleeve; this is where you wrap the cord around it.  Finally, loop the cord over the small plastic cord lock.  Once all 4 cords are looped around their respective cord locks, cinch the cords by pinching the cord lock buttons and pulling the cord to your desired tension.
    • When taking your tent down, do each of the above steps in reverse.  Once flat, fold the tent long-ways in thirds, then roll the poles, stakes and rain fly in with the tent.  Leave one of the door zippers open and start rolling the tent from the back end (non-door end) so that air can escape through the door as you roll it, before sliding the rolled tent into the tent bag.