Construction and Design

Dome Structure

There are all kinds of tent designs out there, but nothing beats the simple dome tent.  We took a time-tested design and added our own features, to make it the lightest truly freestanding tent on the trail.  The cross-pole dome utilizes the typical arch shape, which provides plenty of strength. 

Large Door

Each tent is built with one large door for easy entry and exit.  The door zips open from the top, allowing extra ventilation when needed.  When the door is fully open, you can stand up, with your feet still inside of the tent.  This makes getting dressed or getting in and out of the tent very easy.  The door is also made with waterproof zippers with taped seams to keep you dry during a storm. 

Bonded Construction

Many of our seams are bonded with an adhesive, instead of sewn.  This actually makes for a stronger bond than sewing, and more waterproof, as well.  Our seams that are sewn, are also reinforced with DCF Repair Tape, making them waterproof and stronger, even in adverse conditions.