Special Features

    Ultralight Materials

    The walls of the Blue, White and Olive Green Carbon Dome Tents are made with .51oz/sq yard Dyneema® Composite Fabric (DCF - formerly Cuben Fiber). Spruce Green tents are made with .8oz/sq yard Dyneema® Composite Fabric.

      Waterproof Zippered Door

      One large door allows for easy entry with 2 waterproof zippers for protection in bad weather. Each zipper also has a reflective pull cord for easy use at night.

        Easy Setup!

        Don't waste time messing around with a bunch of stakes and guy lines. Simply slide the poles through the pole sleeves and place two stakes (one on either side of the tent on the ventilation flaps) to hold the tent in place. Each tent can be setup in about 2 minutes.


          Mesh Vents are built-in to the side walls and top of each Carbon Dome Tent for ample airflow and to reduce condensation. Guy line cords for vent flaps are reflective for extra visibility at night.

            Small Footprint

            Since the Carbon Dome Tent doesn't have a bunch of guy lines or vestibules, you only NEED about a 7 1/2' x 4' area to pitch our tent. This can be critical when larger tent sites are unavailable.


              The Dyneema® Composite Fabric we use with our tents is waterproof and doesn't stretch like other nylon-based materials. Our tents are taped on critical seams and sealed on other seams, providing you with a rain-resistant shelter.

                Bathtub Floor

                Our bathtub floor is made with 1.0oz/sq yard  Dyneema® Composite Fabric that is very durable. The bathtub floor and sealed seams provide protection from water up to about 8 inches up from the ground (although the waterproof zippered door can extend below this).

                  Wind Resistance

                  Due to the cross-pole dome shape of the Carbon Dome Tent, the arched Carbon Fiber pole structure holds up well in the wind. The tent comes with 4 aluminum stakes that hold well in the ground for an extremely taught pitch.